Tour our New Facilities

Stayton Veterinary Hospital has made efforts to reduce anxiety for our patients as we think it is important to make coming to see the doctor as fear free as possible. We have separate sections in the lobby to offer a safer feeling for our feline patients as well as exam rooms that are species specific.


exam rooms

Stayton Veterinary Hospital now has 6 exam rooms, double from our previous Hospital. More exam rooms help to reduce wait times for our clients. Reducing the wait time is not only convenient for clients it also reduces anxiety levels for our patients.  



Our comfort room is a more homey environment with comfortable furniture. It is utilized for consultations and appointments that may take a little longer such as acupuncture, laser treatments and end of life care. This room also is in a more private location and has access to an outside door for added privacy.


Surgery Suite

Our vast Surgery Suite has the room and equipment to accommodate minor procedures to complex orthopedic surgeries.  


Canine Extended Stay RUNS

Our dogs get to stretch their legs in our indoor runs between walks outside. 

Feline Exam room

Our cat only room features pheromones that act naturally to calm the cats while they are here and are being examined. Make sure to ask us for other ways to make their trip to see us as fear free as possible.

Feline Hospitalized/Extended Stay

Our feline hospitalized patients get their own quiet sunny room. 


Minor Procedures Room

Our minor procedures room contains our state of the art ultrasound, endoscopy equipment, and electrocardiogram, and other diagnostics. This room provides a calm and quiet space for treatments and diagnostics.  

Retail Display

Located in our lobby is a convenient retail display with flea & tick preventatives, non-prescription pet foods & treats, shampoos and a variety of other non-prescription items ready for purchase.


Private Entrance/exit

Our private entrance/exit accommodates pets that are fearful or aggressive towards other pets, or for pets that we may suspect of having an infectious disease and would like to place directly in a room in order to prevent possible risk of cross contamination by coming in through the lobby.